Cameron Burgoyne

Cameron Burgoyne is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Idaho, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in art from Southern Virginia University in 2015. He is currently pursuing his MFA from Pratt in Brooklyn, NY. Cameron has exhibited work in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Idaho, and Utah. In his free time, he loves to spend time exploring with his dog Atlas.

Artist Statement:

From ideation to decay, my work is both prompted by and pointing to curiosity and transformation. Regardless of medium, I am equal parts obsessive and spontaneous, carefully crafting opportunities for wandering. The objective is not a finished piece, but the process itself.

Through minimalist geometric installations, sculptures, paintings, experiences, and photographs inspired by the work of minimalist sculptors and land work artists, I communicate the temporality of state, the cyclical and curious nature of mind, and the contradictory pleasure and pain of growth. I intentionally practice this change and inquisitiveness in my studio, to lessen the fear of my own evolution as a human. As the work continuously finds new form, I push myself to do so as well, learning and progressing and surrendering to what is.

Piazza della Repubblica di Spello

Paint pour sculpture performance a Piazza della Repubblica:

Continually a Work in Progress

Torri di Properzio

Windows to Feel 

Piazza Kennedy

Blooming Twice in a Summer